Welcome to PAWTOS. Humans must be accompanied by their pets and under their supervision all time. Food and Drinks are allowed.

Pet Photography

PAWTOS offers studio and on location photography service for your pets and their special occasions. What to expect during the photo shoot?

  • Your pet will be given the time to explore and sniff around.
  • Questions about its behaviour and the things he/she likes.
  • Treats, a lot of them.
  • A guaranteed session of laughter.

What if things go wrong?

  • Accidents such as, no. 1 or no. 2 is completely normal. It’s going to be taking care of.
  • If your pet doesn’t want to collaborate, we will give him more time. If still not, then
    we’re not going to stress him out.
  • Is it possible to reschedule? Yes!

Animal Shelters – Rescue Groups

  • Our service is completely free of charge to support your mission.
  • Max of 3 pets per session.
  • Help to spread the word among other rescues and shelters.

I’m a breeder, am I welcomed?

Our policy toward breeders have been changed since last year. You can now book a session with us, and we will donate 50% of the proceed to rescue groups. Contact for further details or DM on Instagram

Food Photography

  • Whether it is soul food, fun food, mood food or pet food, our service is responsive to your needs as a business owner or a baker working from home. All you have to do is send your product to our studio and let us take care of the rest.
  • There is a special price of our packages for new home business owners, booking for the first time only.
  • Art direction for menus will be at extra cost, or is provided by client.


Halloween 2020

It has been a hard year for everyone around the world. But that didn’t us from celebrating life. Therefore, We’ve decided to put an effort to celebrate every occasion and make it great! This Halloween, the neighbouring families came up with a contactless trick or treat idea. They packed the treats creatively and labelled the …

Covid-19 update

PAWTOS continues to open for clients during the grace period, putting everyone’s safety our first priority. The studio will be sterilized before and after use. Wearing a mask during the photo session is compulsory. Only one companion for pet/pets is allowed. Pet owners are welcome to sit in the upper hall. Coffee and tea will …