Covid-19 update

PAWTOS continues to open for clients during the grace period, putting everyone’s safety our first priority.

  • The studio will be sterilized before and after use.
  • Wearing a mask during the photo session is compulsory.
  • Only one companion for pet/pets is allowed.
  • Pet owners are welcome to sit in the upper hall.
  • Coffee and tea will be served in paper cups.
  • Sanitizers, protective gloves are available and a guest bathroom.
  • The booking will be one session per week for pet photography.
  • Food photography depends on the location of photography, if it is in the studio, it is preferable to leave the product and not be present during the photo session.

Halloween 2020

It has been a hard year for everyone around the world. But that didn’t us from celebrating life. Therefore, We’ve decided to put an effort to celebrate every occasion and make it great!

This Halloween, the neighbouring families came up with a contactless trick or treat idea. They packed the treats creatively and labelled the bags with the name of each child in our compound. They all decorated up and so are the parents. We’ve tried our best to make it safe for everyone. The pets also, dressed up for the occasion and had a chance to socialize with the children. Then, we’ve wrapped up the evening by an amazing pumpkin cake!

Now that Halloween is over, we are finally able to put the Christmas decoration. And we’ve promised the kids to make it greater than ever! I personally started to decorate my home one the first days for November. This is how excited I am about Christmas!